image1This year has started well and in great style for Kabale Women in Development (KWID). More than half of the piece of land Click Rukiga purchased for KWID by our partners Click Rukiga was tilled and Irish potatoes were planted. This was in a bid to raise money to clear the remaining part of the loan given to KWID for the purchase of the land as agreed with the blessed partners.

All members contributed towards the tilling, planting, weeding and harvesting. The Irish potatoes were taken care of very well with advice from agricultural experts, the main reason why the yield was bountiful (11 sacks each 100 kilograms) and around 3 sacks of seed.

image7The part of the land that was not tilled before is now being tilled still by the members. Beans will be planted in the part being tilled and where Irish potatoes were harvested to cover the whole piece of land so that more money is raised.

KWID members appreciate the asset Click Rukiga supported them to own, something they were yearning for, for a long time. May God bless the whole Click Rukiga team and all the well-wishers. The Irish was sold at 520,000= (around $210) we remained with the seed of about 3 sacks which will be planted next season.

Long live CLICK RUKIGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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