Interventions in Nutrition and WASH

KWID has contributed to key results in various sector and areas such as public health, education, nutrition, food security and agriculture. This has been achieved through community mobilization and empowerment function through home improvement campaigns, interactive drama and mass sensitization through community cadres (VHTs and Peer Educators).

KWID has promoted initiatives that provide information to communities to enable them to appreciate and adopt positive attitudes towards development. This also encourages them to take action to respond to the development opportunities and services provided by all sectors in as far as Nutrition and WASH are concerned. Through the mentioned interventions, KWID has improved on health standards of individuals this has led to;

  • Proper drying and storage facilities for utensils including during rack
  • Separate human and animal dwelling
  • Well slashed compounds and draining of stagnant pools and water around the homes/ elimination of mosquito breeding sites
  • Has improved hand washing
  • Waste disposal pit in which households can dump domestic garbage have been made.
  • Every child below five years should sleep under insecticide treated net.
  • Increased number of mothers accessing and receiving at least four antenatal care (ANC) session and accessing drugs for anemia and malaria
  • Increases number of mothers seeking services of trained , skilled health for delivering
  • Reduced incidence of communicable and diarrhea diseases

In improving on food security, there has been developing of backyard gardens and this has been promoted through empowering VHTs, adolescents and priority population in Kamwezi sub-county.

VHTs demonstrating how to take MUAC other .










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