Welcome to our progress report in which we present to you the journey filled with triumphs. We feel proud of the successes registered so far. Unlike before, we were operating on a small space but our supporters Click Rukiga have made us smile and hope to sustain our activities because we have a firm foundation (Land). With this big asset, we are sure that we will be able to empower vulnerable persons and families to address hindrances to their advancement through economic empowerment, child wellbeing, community empowerment, strategic partnerships and networks and institutional development
KWID implemented activities as highlighted in the below strategies
On March 3rd and 4th KWID stakeholders were honored by the visit of Mike Whitlam, Shirley Gledhill and Mark Morris. The visitors had ample time to look at what KWID is doing, discuss how to improve the work and how to address challenges faced. This visit was very special and beneficial to KWID because it led to three major achievements
1. Click Rukiga extended Financial support to purchase Land which was the biggest need of KWID as it was operating on a very small space
2. Click Rukiga supported KWID savings and credit scheme with 3.5 million
3. KWID staff received hands on support supervision in Fundraising skills and general Administration
A detailed report of this visit was compiled, shared with our partners and is available on KWID Blog
KWID with support from Click Rukiga purchased Land worth 20 million. Working on a small space was a major challenge to KWID and in 2016, KWID will have a reason to celebrate during 20 years’ existence celebrations
Standing on the land we purchased after thanks giving in the nearest church
KWID acquired land with support from click Rukiga which has eased the cost of doing business. At first KWID would incur the costs of hiring the land which used to be very expensive but now it was a matter of just preparing the land and we have plated Irish potatoes and hope to get good yields.
We have fenced the land; we have started on the process of acquiring its land title after which we will have architectural drawings for construction of office premises and other necessary buildings needed to implement KWID activities
KWID savings and credit scheme was supported by click Rukiga with 3.5 Million. Due to the support, all members were able to access loans. At first members would get a maximum of one hundred thousand shillings but when we got the support we were able to give loans to every member at a maximum of three hundred thousand and members are recovering very well. And 18 were able to pay school fees for their children,4 were able to clear medical bills while the rest of the members used the loan to improve household income.
KWID was able to raise one hundred and twenty thousand Uganda shillings from piggery project and was able to give seven piglets to members who had not yet received them. This has enabled us to have more members enrolled in income generating activities and a big number of them are now motivated with the economic activity.
On child well-being, we conducted 39 life skill sessions in the five aspects of child development namely economic, spiritual, mental, physical, health and social habit training. KWID implemented this strategy following the National OVC Core programme areas. In economic strengthening, KWID with support from Jo supported one household with Agricultural inputs. In food and nutrition security, KWID with support from Jo extended food staffs to one vulnerable family. On basic care, with support from Jo, KWID provided clothes and home utensils to one vulnerable family. On spiritual growth, with support from Jo, KWID organized and facilitated baptism of 8 people a father, mother and 6 children.

Also in spiritual growth, in partnership with PAG our OVC were taken through hope for kids and explorer club. They were awarded certificates of Participation and the function was presided over by Mike Whitlam.
KWID has partnered with reproductive health Uganda to empower community members to demand for improved health services in the advocacy for better health projects through PATH funded by USAID.

KWID further, is implemented communities advancing prevention of HIV/AIDS in the sub counties of Kashambya and Rwamucucu. Among the activities done by KWID was HIV counseling and testing, safe male circumcision, condom distribution, behavior change communication, dialogue sessions for civic and religious leaders and other activities.

KWID has been carrying out thanks giving in all churches where our members pray from because we appreciate Gods Grace for linking us with Generous and supportive partners CLICK RUKIGA management and members who supported us to acquire land. This was also aimed at publicizing KWID activities and mobilizing more OVC households and children to register to KWID and enroll to their respective branches for the life skill sessions to transform communities. We have covered the 9 churches. A detailed report will be submitted soon.
KWID in partnership with Reproductive Health Uganda sensitized community members on patient’s charter through local theatre, community dialogue and Youth forum.

The Drama show was intended to sensitize the community about the patients’ rights and responsibilities. It indicated areas where rights were denied and where the responsibilities were not fulfilled. Stakeholders collectively came up with action plans to improve health services.
The youth forum enabled youth to share Adolescent Reproductive health issues that affect them with the health worker who responded them.
KWID attended networking trainings not limited to:
1. on access to information for civil society leaders in Kabale organized by Kick Corruption out of Kigezi and Africa Freedom of Information Center (AFIC). The objective of the training was to strengthen capacities of civil society organizations to use the Access to information Act 2005 to access government information and improve accountability on service delivery in the community, hold governments accountable and fight corruption
2. On Physical and Digital Security Management for Human Rights Defenders in Western Uganda East and Horn of Africa. 2 KWID staff were equipped with knowledge on identifying risks and security challenges and coming up with ways that prevent attacks and respond to attacks to reduce the amount of attacks i.e. beginning stages of security plan. We were able to come up with a risk management plan

In Institutional development, KWID purchased land to be used to generate income for the organisation and to improve the livelihood of the OVC, KWID also bought Dstv for the OVC to be able to watch and explore what is happening in other areas of Ugandan and the whole world. KWID has also put a new fence and a gate at our field office.
• During the financial year we submitted 9 concept notes, 4 proposals to raise funds in vain.
• During the financial year, the project (Communities Advancing HIV Prevention) which was employing 5 staff closed in September so KWID saw 2 staff leaving the organization because they cannot remain without remuneration.
• During the financial year, KWID experienced another setback when the Executive Director was refused entrance in the UK for the second time.
• Inflation is another factor that is affecting proper implementation of planned activities