Senior Teachers Training

KWID is working to increase uptake of SRH commodities through the HSAP project with support from Amref health Africa. Most adolescents do not have clear information about SRH services and training senior women and men teachers is the easiest way since most adolescents are in schools.
On 11/9/2017, Kabale Women in Development held training for the teachers with the following objectives:
• To equip senior men and women teachers with knowledge, skills in supporting adolescents and youth to acquire related knowledge, values, skills and practices which will empower them to pursue Health life styles and work as change agents in their communities
• To discuss how to form and sustain school Health clubs in schools
During the meeting issues critical were identified including;
• Inadequate funding for SRH needs in schools
• Lack of school health clubs
• Un reported child abuse and corporal punishment cases
• High rate of School drop outs
• The rate at which boys are dropping out of school is high these days, recommendations of implementing by-laws to curb this worrying dropout rate were made and local councils and school administrators were identified to make this happen
• There are some unreported cases of child abuse and corporal punishments in communities, recommendations of reporting, recording, tracking and follow up of such cases were made during the meeting.

Since teachers have a huge constant audience, empowering the with health information to pass it on to their students/pupils can improve the quality of many lives and augment achievement of the highest attainable health rights in the community

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