Successful 20 years celebrations


Kabale Women in Development (KWID) is a non profit, non partisan and  vulnerable persons’  organization operating in Kabale district, and was established in 1996 to enhance social, economic cultural development to empower its members and beneficiaries to exercise their rights and spur development, a social contract  that provides a coherent frame work within which poverty, ill health, unemployment, illiteracy, poor leadership, oppression, harassment, neglect, abuse, environmental degradation, hunger, and disunity can be effectively addressed.

KWID works in partnership with Click Rukiga and other rights organizations to empower vulnerable persons in Kabale to understand and claim their rights, as well as accessing quality services. Kabale women in Development (KWID) will implement a Communities Championing HIV, malaria and TB Prevention in partnership with EGPAF in Kamwezi sub-county starting with July 2016. The project is aiming at reducing HIV, malaria, and TB Transmission. The project will run for a period of 15 months. The project is targeting Key Population and priority population.

In the first year, KWID supported by USAIDRHITES-SW/EGPAF empowered Community structures (VHTs and Peer Educators) to mobilize community members to demand for and utilize integrated quality health services.

Arrival of guests and beneficiaries

Guests arrived at the time above where by the guest of honor Mr. Mike Whitlam with other guests from Click Rukiga, World vision, Katuna Marps, KADONE, Africa 2000 NETWORK etc.

They were welcomed by the Executive Director Kabale Women in Development (KWID) Madam. Florence Tumuheirwe and the function started.

 Match past by Kabale Guineas Brass Band

The march stared from Omukigano to Kashekye whereby it was joined by OVCs, KWID staff, members, Guests and stakeholders.

March past during the 20 years celebrations

March past during KWID 20 years celebrations

Guest of Honor arrives

After the march past, the guests were ushered in the celebration venue and other people who came to witness the occasion.

 Touring exhibitions and land


The guest of honor and other invited guests were led by the ED in touring the land which is about 7 hectares from touring the land preceded in touring exhibitions.

On the exhibition centre there were items like: Baskets, beads, bags, crotchets, sweaters and variety of vegetables.

Exhibition during celebrations of 20 years of KWID

Some of the items on the exhibition during celebrations of 20 years of KWID

It was a very eventful day. May God bless whoever made it a success

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